Our Story

Our Story

There's this notion that to grow a business, you have to be ruthless. But we know there's a better way to grow. One where what's good for the bottom line is also good for customers. We believe businesses can grow with a conscience, and succeed with a soul — and that they can do it with inbound. That's why we've created a platform uniting software, education, and community to help businesses grow better every day.

From the Beginning
I have spent the past few years building websites and making an income from them so I can enjoy living in the countryside where I can enjoy lots of my favourite hobbies and not have to worry about living in a city with lots of traffic and that hectic way of life.

A New Experience
I was always into web design and got myself a few freelance jobs setting up websites and creating content for small local business.
It was then I realized that I could make a lot of money through eccomerce.As the website building orders rolled in, just from recommendations from previous clients, I had enough money to start building my own stores and begin making some serious cash.

Sharing our Knlowledge
We are committed not only to bringing you the best websites we can build, but also the best information about your business.

We are Different
With our responsive design, your website will look great on tablets, smartphones and computers.